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International Women’s Day – A Events for Women

Throughout the month of March, donateyourmilk.com celebrates IWD(International Women’s Day). It is one of the most visible and inclusive expressions for donateyourmilk.com. Last year, donateyourmilk.com’s clients and employees hosted a events in the city.

Dr Armida Fernandez

Dr Armida Fernandez

In the same way in 2016 We are organizing a events on International Women’s. We are inviting all community partners and donateyourmilk.com partners to Participate in events. Hope it will done successfully.

IWD(International Women’s Day) is marked on 8 March every year. The focus of the events is only for respect of women to develop women’s political , economic and social achievements.

Celebrating Women’s Day has become a tradition for donateyourmilk.com, but We are celebrating It in diversity throughout the year in a variety of ways. We are a network of passionate group of women and men which work together to connect one to more. This structure help us to grow at the top, in this industry.

This year we would like to open our doors and invite you to join us

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Thinking of Donating Your Breastmilk? Read This First.

Many women who pump for their babies often find that they have way more than their baby will ever consume. It is at this point that the thought of donating that extra milk to a needy baby comes to mind.

There are three ways of milk donation that are available so far:

  • Informal milk donation, mother-to-mother
  • Formal milk donation to a HMBANA milk bank, to help babies in the NICU
  • Formal milk donation to Prolacta Bioscience, a for-profit milk processing company, usually through a milk depot that calls itself a “milk bank”

Breastmilk donation is one of the most beautiful, pure, and selfless acts a mother could do for another. Unfortunately, some people are exploiting this generosity and using it for their own ends. If you are a mother intent on donating your excess breast milk to help a needy baby, one option that will allow you to be sure that your intended recipient is a baby and not a for-profit milk processing company is informal milk donation. Informal milk donation is when you donate your breastmilk directly to the family that will be feeding their baby with it. The biggest hurdle with this for most milk donors and recipients seems to be finding a family near them that either needs milk or has a surplus of it.


Read more >> http://www.breastfeedingsymbol.org/2007/09/02/thinking-of-donating-your-breastmilk-read-this-first/


Original Source : http://www.breastfeedingsymbol.org/2007/09/02/thinking-of-donating-your-breastmilk-read-this-first/

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On the occasion of Mothers Day, launched a community portal www.donateyourmilk.com for Mothers’ Only.

Donating breast milk is something only a mother can do. It is a generous gift that can truly make a difference in the lives of the infant population.

We are introducing our self as a company belongs to India operating a portal ( www.donateyourmilk.com ). We need your support to spread our aim to donate extra breast milk to enhance the availability and use of breast milk for all newly born baby.

On the occasion of Mothers day, we are launching this community portal which delicately made for mothers only.

if you’re a mother objective on giving your surplus breast milk to aid a destitute infant. Everyday milk gift is if you give your breast milk straight towards the household that will likely be feeding their infant with it. The largest hurdle with this for most milk receivers and donors generally seems to be discovering a family near them that either wants milk or has an excess of it

K. Prakash
HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
West Bengal, India

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Criteria for human breast milk donors

Who can donate human breast milk?
• A lactating woman who:

• is in good health, good health-related behavior, and not regularly on medications or herbal supplements (with the exception of prenatal vitamins, human insulin, thyroid replacement hormones, nasal sprays, asthma inhalers, topical treatments, eye drops, progestin-only or low dose estrogen birth control products);

• is willing to undergo blood testing for screening of infections; and  has enough milk after feeding her baby satisfactorily and baby is thriving nicely.


Who cannot donate?

A donor is disqualified who:

• uses illegal drugs, tobacco products or nicotine replacement therapy; or

• regularly takes more than two ounces of alcohol or its equivalent or three caffeinated drinks per day; or
• has a positive blood test result for HIV, HTLV, Hepatitis B or C or syphilis; or
• is herself or has a sexual partner suffering from HBV, HIV, HCV and venereal diseases OR either one has high risk behavior for contracting them in last 12 months; or
• has received organ or tissue transplant, any blood transfusion/blood product within the prior 12 months.
• is taking radioactive or other drugs or has chemical environmental exposure or over the counter prescriptions or mega doses of vitamins, which are known to be toxic to the neonate and excreted in breastmilk; or
• has mastitis or fungal infection of the nipple or areola, active herpes simplex or varicella zoster infections in the mammary or thoracic region.

Sources: http://www.indianpediatrics.net/june2014/469.pdf

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Who can be a donor of human breast milk

The donor population is formed by healthy lactating mothers with healthy babies, who are voluntarily willing to give their extra breast milk for other babies without compromising the nutritional needs of their own baby. The donors can include mothers attending well baby clinics, mothers whose babies are in neonatal intensive care units, those who have lost their babies but are willing to donate their milk, or lactating working staff in the hospital, and motivated mothers from the community. Donors are not paid for their donations. Try to reach maximum donor population using variety of avenues. Spreading awareness about possibility of human breast milk donation in society by various means including mass communication can help in motivating donors. NGOs, social clubs and college students can play a good role in it.

Source : http://www.indianpediatrics.net/june2014/469.pdf

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Who can be a receiver of human breast milk:

Absent or insufficient lactation: Mothers with multiple births, who can not secrete adequate human breastmilk for their neonates initially.

• For babies of non-lactating mothers, who adopt neonates and if induced lactation is not possible.
• Abandoned neonates and sick neonates.
• Temporary interruption of breastfeeding.
• Infant at health risk from breastmilk of the biological mother.
• Babies whose mother died in the immediate postpartum period.

Source : http://www.indianpediatrics.net/june2014/469.pdf

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