International Women’s Day – A Events for Women

Throughout the month of March, celebrates IWD(International Women’s Day). It is one of the most visible and inclusive expressions for Last year,’s clients and employees hosted a events in the city.

Dr Armida Fernandez

Dr Armida Fernandez

In the same way in 2016 We are organizing a events on International Women’s. We are inviting all community partners and partners to Participate in events. Hope it will done successfully.

IWD(International Women’s Day) is marked on 8 March every year. The focus of the events is only for respect of women to develop women’s political , economic and social achievements.

Celebrating Women’s Day has become a tradition for, but We are celebrating It in diversity throughout the year in a variety of ways. We are a network of passionate group of women and men which work together to connect one to more. This structure help us to grow at the top, in this industry.

This year we would like to open our doors and invite you to join us

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