On the occasion of Mothers Day, launched a community portal www.donateyourmilk.com for Mothers’ Only.

Donating breast milk is something only a mother can do. It is a generous gift that can truly make a difference in the lives of the infant population.

We are introducing our self as a company belongs to India operating a portal ( www.donateyourmilk.com ). We need your support to spread our aim to donate extra breast milk to enhance the availability and use of breast milk for all newly born baby.

On the occasion of Mothers day, we are launching this community portal which delicately made for mothers only.

if you’re a mother objective on giving your surplus breast milk to aid a destitute infant. Everyday milk gift is if you give your breast milk straight towards the household that will likely be feeding their infant with it. The largest hurdle with this for most milk receivers and donors generally seems to be discovering a family near them that either wants milk or has an excess of it

K. Prakash
HTSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
West Bengal, India

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